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One of the goals of the Canadian Glass Association is to seek out and negotiate preferred rates on products and services that will benefit their members. The members of the Canadian Glass Association are provincial or regional associations. Their members are companies directly or indirectly involved in the glass industry.

Please see below for a list of the current partnerships that we have developed. For more information please contact your local association (click here for members page). They can provide you with the necessary information. If there is no association in your area please contact us.


The Construction Indusrtry's Benefit Plan
The recent partnership between the Canadian Glass Association and ICBA Benefit Services Ltd. has created three new offerings aimed at helping CGA member associations offer great programs to their member companies by providing cost saving programs.  These programs will help your company save money during these challenging times and offering superior products that will benefit the employer, the employee and the associations.

This resource will be rolled out in phases. Phase I is the Employee Benefit Plan, Phase II will include bonding and liablity and Phase III will round out the package with homeowners insurance.

Marks WorkWear House
Is a new partner for the Canadian Glass Association
Each employee of a company who is a member of a provincial/regional association is given a card that may be use to recieve a 10% discount at any Marks WorkWear House store across Canada.
Each member company can negotiate preferred bulk pricing.

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
Working with RBC, Canadian Glass Association is pleased to highlight a Group Savings Plan program to its members.  Providing programs like Group RRSP plans and Group Banking packages for employees can help you build and retain a healthy workforce.


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