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As a national organization the Canadian Glass Assocation is working on providing benefits that will assist their members; provincial and regional assocations; in providing resources that benefit them directly. For a complete list of our current partnerships please visit our Resource page.

Why Join a Trade Association?

The trade association fits into the pattern of a successful business operation just as do the services of a lawyer, banker, auditor, insurance consultant or business management counselor – and just as uniquely.

In using all these services, businessmen seek the advice and counsel and service of these experts in their fields. In their trade association, they not only seek collectively with others in their field of business for expert advice founded on specific experience, but they add their voice to the strength of their industry to promote the welfare of that industry.

The trade association - the joining of forces within industry – gives power greater than that of the individual, or the business firm, to fight inimical or hurtful elements not only from without, but also from within industry. In the trade association, it is usually people who are experts in a particular aspect of a business operation who give their time, thought and ingenuity to committee work to solve a problem. An individual could not begin to afford to hire the talent to work on a given problem represented by even one committee in a trade association, but a member of a trade association receives the combined talents and thinking of some of the top experts in the field.

Public confidence is enjoyed by those who associate themselves with their fellow craftsmen in industry organizations on the sound theory that together with their colleagues, they can best establish and maintain ethics in the public interest, and further, that only those willing to subscribe to such ethics are given the endorsement implied by membership in the association of their trade or profession.

By participation, you can help your own business success

Visit our Members page to see a list of the active provincial/regional associations in Canada.



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